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Someone rightly quoted “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”. If time is the most valuable thing then why to waste on things that are very low on your priority list. If you have reached to this article that means somehow you have decided a good path for yourself. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Even then some people are so productive and achieve so much than others. Why? The answer to this is time management. Some use every second wisely and manage everything. From waking up till they lay down back to the bed everything is scheduled. By managing time for yourself, you are creating a healthy environment for yourself and your body. This weekly timetable excel template will help you to manage your time effectively.

Editable weekly timetable template

If you are doing your daily tasks according to yourself and if you are not managing your work and time together then it can cause a lot of stress in your life. Apart from this, it can also affect your body. There must be a reason why doctors prefer to have your medicines on time. They will prefer a good time table for everything you do and strictly follow it. And the next question that arises maybe is how. How can we manage time? The easiest way to do manage your time is by creating a timetable for you. Yes, the timetable will help you to be more productive, stay healthy, and stress-free. Let’s discuss how.

Weekly Timetable Template Excel

According to the Internet, the timetable is a plan for when certain events are to take place. Arranging your work according to time will definitely give you extra time for yourself and the things you wanted to do but are not able to do. You can distinguish the timetable on a different basis. The time table can also be used in schools to set up each classroom for each subject including game periods and lunchtime. You can also use these timetables in colleges and universities for the same. And the third one is a personalized timetable which includes you and your daily routine. Let’s explain in brief.


When a new session starts in a school, the first thing every teacher do is to create a scheduled time table for every class. All standards in a school have a specific timetable. The basic reason is to create a routine for the students. Also, this timetable helps students to enjoy each lecture. The body and mind remain stress-free. That is the reason they include the games period, art and drawing period, and music and dance periods. It helps the child for the overall development. Creating a defined schedule helps the child’s body to stay fit and healthy. A well defined time table reduced confusion for the teachers. Weekly timetable excel template helps them to create proper routine hence making them comfortable.

Study planner timetable template

They break the entire year syllabus into smaller parts with these time tables so that the child can achieve most of the scheduled syllabus by the end of the year. Not only a student period timetable, but there are also more time tables in a school. This timetable helps teachers know in which class and at what time they have to give lectures. Infect there is a free period for teachers to take rest and re-energize themselves. There is an integrated timetable of all the classes of teachers assigned by the higher authority and the principal. Let me help you with the preparation of a one-time table. The first step would be preparing a proper list of all the subjects and needs to do on daily basis. You can write them down on a paper accordingly.

Now make a timetable from Monday to Saturday. You can download various and unique templates associated with this article. It is very easy to understand and you only have to download any template from the given collection. Also, different templates with unique art structures and designs are available for smaller grades. Then reanalysis the list of the tasks that whether that task is necessary or not.

Weekly Timetable Template with Time

Weekly timetable template with time


As the heading describes itself this timetable is for self. People usually want to do things but aren’t able to because of bad time management and choosing the wrong priorities. A timetable is not only going to improve your routine but if you stick to it you will definitely feel much better, happier, and stress-free life. You will feel energetic after using these ultimate weekly excel timetable template images. Also, try to make time to do some exercise or workout and it will definitely help you to become disease-free. If you ask a dietitian, they will describe to you the importance of eating on time and the “weekly timetable template” helps your body maintain a healthy score.

Customize Weekly Timetable Template

Weekly timetable planner template

You can create your own excel timetable. The easiest way is that you should download any template from here as it is cost-friendly and time-friendly. You just have to make a timetable for each activity you do, it can be a daily routine, a timetable for your hobbies, your training, your study timetable. A personal tip is to write a motivational tip on the header that will let you stay motivated and let you follow it strictly. Just try it once and see how life changes.

This post includes knowledge about daily routine timetables. You can check our other articles like weekly schedule templates and monthly schedule templates for more knowledge. Contact us if you have any questions related to this topic. Thank you!

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