Now create your gym workout or exercise using our printable workout planner template.

Who does not wish for a healthy energetic and flawless body, and also add more healthy years to life. To fulfill all these desires, there is only one option which is to exercise and workout daily. Daily working out improves body strength, boosts energy, stamina, and endurance.

Whatever your fitness goals are, to achieve them you need to have a plan. A plan that will let you know what is your fitness goal, how much should be your calorie intake, how much are you burning, how much time is to be given to a particular exercise, and so on.

Printable weekly workout planner template

A workout planner helps you to develop a plan that will clearly illustrate to you what to be done. Keeping a workout planner helps you to stay focused and keeps you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. It is a tool that keeps you organized. It is one of the smart practices to keep track of your workout sessions and encourage you to achieve what you have decided. The workout planner enables you to stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals.

Printable Workout Planner Template

Weekly workout schedule planner

What are the benefits of following a printable workout planner template?

It has several benefits for one who finds it worth doing.

  • Set realistic fitness goals: The workout planner helps you to decide what you really want to achieve. Setting up ambitious goals is good but sometimes creating highly ambitious goals can ultimately leave you discouraged and unmotivated. A workout planner helps you to set realistic fitness goals.
  • Keep you on track: The workout planner keeps you on track to attain the fitness goal and be accountable for that specific fitness goal. Keeping a workout planner helps avoid any forgetfulness while working out. With a workout planner, you can track your day to day fitness progress with your daily calorie intake.
  • Keep you motivated: The workout planner lets you check your progress in achieving your fitness goal. It works as a constant reminder for you to achieve your fitness goals. Being able to get a clear picture of your progress at a glance can be so encouraging. Seeing yourself progressing towards your goal will always push you forward and you are likely to do more to achieve what you have decided.
  • Choose what is right for you: With the help of the workout schedule template, you can note the time given to all your exercises. You can plan your diet and nutrition intake as well. With these workout templates, you will not waste much time remembering which exercise to do and which not to do.
  • A blueprint to achieve your goals: The workout planner not only helps you to set your fitness goals but also direct you to achieve them. You can easily break down bigger goals into smaller and more manageable goals that are easy to obtain and work as a bridge to achieve your bigger fitness goal. It tracks your progress daily or weekly. Once you have decided your goals the workout planner will keep you adamant about them.
  • Evaluation: The workout planner lets you know whether you are getting aspired fitness results or not. It helps you to determine whether the particular working out session helping you to achieve your desired goals or not. The workout planner enables you to look back for your mistakes and gives you a chance to correct them so that you can be on a right track to fulfill your objectives and goals.

Weekly Workout Planner

Weekly workout tracker excel template

Print out these planner templates for free and you can get some amazing weekly timetable templates to organize your tasks. We have already shared many printable templates on this website. You can download any blank template from this website. We also need your valuable feedback regarding this article. Please comment below or you can contact us via email.

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