Printable Birthday Calendar Template

Download a free printable birthday calendar template to create a perpetual birthday list:

A birthday is a special day that must not be missed. Do you forget the special events and birthdays of your close ones? Do your loved ones get hurt and sad because of this and sometimes don’t even talk to you. So now you have reached the right place. The best solution for this is a printable birthday calendar template. Yess. Now you have not to remember any dates. You let all that to do by a calendar. A birthday calendar is a special type of calendar that you can customize to make you remember all the special born days of your loved ones to let them know how much you care about them and love them. A birthday calendar template is the most effective way to remember all the birthdays of your relatives and friends.

Using a template would make your work much easier as you just have to download it and it is ready to use. Just mark the dates with specifications or pictures of the person who was born on that day and it is done. So easy, Just then hang it somewhere you can see daily and thank me later!

Cute Birthday Calendar Template to Print


Steps for creating a birthday calendar template:


The first and the basic step is to download the template with just a simple click. You can simply download a simple yearly calendar or can download it by month. There are several varieties available. You can choose how effective and decorative you want your calendar to be.


Look out for all the people pictures and information about their birthdays which are your closed ones. You can differentiate between your families and friends. Cut out their pictures from your family albums and memories with your friends. You can just cut out their faces part to make it more easier and fun. You can ask friends for your help in collecting pictures and birthday information


Now after gathering all the information you can use various types of art such as cardboards, sparkles, pens, covers to make it a more artistic look. So that you can hang it out anywhere and people see you as an artist. Also, you can make heart shapes for the dates, ring for the anniversary date, and many others for more specifications.


Last and the final to hang it out in a place that you can always see and remember all the dates wisely. Or you can just use it in your room. You can also make one for the office desk


This question must have been in your mind that yes we made this birthday calendar with a lot of effort but why should we remember someone’s birthday?. So the answer to this is because to show them how much they mean to you. Showing that the day they were born means something to you. You feel far more than blessed to have them in your life.

Free printable perpetual birthday calendar

Why the birthday celebration is important?

Just by sending a card or even by calling on the phone to convey your blessings and wishes shows how much you care for them. It is always a kind, heartwarming gesture to make others feel happy that they were born and are very special to you. Now different apps can make you remind about it. But what’s best than the old one, a calendar.
Remember a birthday is a time to celebrate the birth of a person in its possible way. It is a way to thank God for bringing them to this world and also a day to show that a year of your life has passed. You can use it in a positive way to move on from the past and the bad things that had happened, start living in the present, and make you’re every breathe worth living and doing much greater things for your Future.

So why not just celebrate and make it more special. You need not always have a big party. You can just celebrate and have a dance and dinner party with your loved ones. Loved one who always has supported you in every possible way

I hope you like this article. A link for downloading the printable birthday calendar template is attached to this article. Also, you can comments and share your feedback with us. You can also contact us for any query. We also provide templates for the simple calendar, school calendar, and many others. You can also check them out. They will help you even more.

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